How to Create an Appealing and Functional Trade Show Booth Design

Going to a trade show is an excellent way for a new business to get exposure. Making a great impression at a trade show will be a lot easier if you take the time to work on an appealing booth design. The main thing a person will notice when seeing you at a trade show is the condition of your booth. Finding things like banner stands and table throws for trade show is essential when trying to increase the appeal of your booth. Consider the following when trying to create an appealing and functional trade show booth design.

Consistent Branding is a Must

Making sure you are putting your brand front and center in your trade show booth design is a must. With the right table throws for trade show and banners, you can show people who you are and what your brand is all about. Getting help from a print shop with experience is essential when attempting to get the quality materials you need. Trying to make these important materials without the help of a professional will usually lead to less than stellar results. The last thing you want is to have your booth looking cheap due to DIY printed materials.

Sticking to One Central Theme

Trying to make the design of your trade show booth too busy can lead to disastrous consequences. Choosing one central theme and building the look of the booth around the theme. If you have a theme, choosing things like table throws for trade show will be much easier. If you are having trouble getting your design nailed down, then working with a professional print shop is a must.

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The Advantages of Using Vinyl Banners

Advertising a business is the only way to increase the amount of customers it has. Choosing the right method of advertising will not be easy. For years, business owners have been using vinyl backdrop banners to tell the general public about the products and services they offer. When trying to get the right backdrop banners, you will have to consider the type of material to use. Most print companies use vinyl to compose their banners for a number of reasons. Below are some of the benefits that come along with using vinyl for your company’s banners.

They are Very Easy to Customize

For most business owners, the main reason why they use vinyl for their backdrop banners is due to the easy customization it offers. With the right print shop, you will be able to get a banner made up for just about any occasion. When running a special sale, you will want to drum up as much interest as you can. With the use of vinyl banners, you will be able to inform the general public about what type of sale you are running. Investing money into these customized banners will pay off when you are able to increase the amount of sales you have.

Vinyl Banners are Very Durable

Most business owners fail to realize just how durable vinyl banners are. With the right amount of care, it will be easy to keep a banner for years to come. Before choosing a particular print shop to make backdrop banners, you will need to find out about the quality of their products. Paying a bit more for a quality vinyl banner will be well worth it in the long run.

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Last Minute Printing Specialist In New York With 24/7 Production

When it comes to attracting the audience’s attention towards your business, nothing works better than well-designed and strategically placed banner stands. At New York Banner Stands, we understand the importance of quality banners and offer the quickest, most reasonably priced and effective banner printing services in NYC.

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Our strength lies in our ability to provide you with the best of banner design and printing options in the least amount of time.

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We specialize in providing banner printing services 24/7; a service that no other printers in New York can claim to offer.

  • Nationwide Banner Shipments

Although we are based in New York, we take orders and provide banner shipments everywhere across the United States.

All You Have To Do Is

  1. Choose a custom banner stand from our catalog
  2. Send in a request for the design template
  3. Upload your graphic file on our online system
  4. Approve the proof sent across by our design specialist

What are the Features of Mesh Banners?

With plenty of promotional materials out there, choosing one can be a bit of a strain. One sound option to consider, though, are mesh banners. Here’s a rundown of the features you can expect:

Made of vinyl

These banners are made of vinyl. But unlike the regular ones, the fabric comes with holes. Mesh refers to a type of barrier that is semi permeable, allowing air to pass through the material.

Less stress and hassle

Since these banners are designed with holes, they make for a much better choice than regular vinyl banners. That’s because banners made out of vinyl often fold when they encounter strong winds. If you have to keep fixing your banners because of strong wind conditions in your area, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time and effort in the process. That’s something mesh vinyl banners can fix. Since mesh allows air to pass through, the banners don’t fold up. That means less work and hassle for you. If you want to make the most out of your time or those of your employees every day, installing these banners is a good idea.

Inexpensive option

The Huffington Post says vinyl mesh promotional banners are an inexpensive option. If you’re just starting out and building your business from the ground up, money can be tight. Opting for these banners can save you a lot on production costs. Those cost-savings could go a long way to helping you promote your business and brand without going over your promotional budget.

Better durability

These banners are also able to withstand extreme weather conditions far longer. That makes them ideal over other options like paper since these are easily damaged. You’ll need to shell out money for premature replacements and that’s not the best way to get the best value for your money. If you want banners that will last you much longer, then put these on top of your list.


Another winning feature of these banners is that the design and message comes out clear, like you printed on paper. So you get the clear-like quality of paper but with none of its weaknesses.

There are plenty of materials out there. But if you’re looking for banners that perform well under challenging weather conditions, offer you big cost-savings and look great, mesh banners can provide you with everything you need to make the most out of your branding opportunities.

Tips for Safely Using Teardrop Flags

There are many different ways to grab attention and get people to notice your business. Perhaps one of the best is the use of a flag. Just as there are many ways to advertise, there are many types of flags. One option is teardrop flags. This type of flag gets its name from its shape. It looks like an upside down tear drop. The flag is attached to a stand, which may sit on the ground or be made to go into the ground. These flags are usually weather resistant, so they work for indoor or outdoor situations. Here are some tips to help you use your teardrop flag safely.

Choose a Solid Stand

The stand is going to be the most important aspect of your flag when it comes to safety. You need to make sure that the stand you get can handle the size of the flag you will be using. A stand that is too small will wobble and fall over, creating a serious safety hazard for anyone walking by it. One reason why teardrop flags are so popular is that they can be used in all weather situations and hold up good in the wind, allowing the message to still be seen clearly. However, the wind is also dangerous because it can knock over an improperly anchored flag.

To combat issues with the stand falling over, you have a couple options. You can use a regular stand and put sandbags on it to keep it weighted. However, if it is in a high traffic area where it won’t be monitored by you or an employee, just be aware that the sandbags can be kicked off, so it will need to be checked often to ensure it is still weighted down. The other option is to get a stand that goes into the ground. Of course, this option will only work if you have the soft ground available to put it in.

Keep It in Good Repair

You also need to make sure that your flag is in good condition before you put it up. A broken or torn flag can be dangerous if it comes apart and begins whipping around in the wind. Due to the material that is used to make this type of flag, it is stronger than a typical flag. This means it has more potential to cause injury if it hits someone.

Using teardrop flags is a great promotional tool. However, if you aren’t careful, the flag could turn into a safety hazard. Ensuring it is properly anchored and in good condition, though, should help to prevent any issues.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric Banners in New York

A promotional banner made from quality fabric can be impressive marketing tool for any business. Here are several tips to consider when shopping for fabric banners to ensure you select the best one available.

Focus on Durability

Unless you enjoy buying replacement banners each year, choose a durable fabric the first time around. Low-quality fabrics will wear and tear a lot sooner than you realize until it is too late. You need to have a banner that maintains its condition and overall appeal event after event, year after year. Research the thickness of the material, but focus on its overall durability. You may have to pay a little more money upfront than you initially budgeted. However, it will save you money in the long run by preventing the need for frequently purchasing replacements.

Banner Size Matters

Make sure that the banner size dimensions are to scale. Photos can be very deceiving, especially if the print and banner design are attractive. The last thing you want is to purchase a banner for an upcoming trade show event and find out moments after unpacking it that it is either too small or too big. Most product descriptions should include the banner dimensions. Take the time to research those measurements to ensure you get what you need before making the purchase.

Waterproof and UV Protection Are Not Optional

When buying certain products, waterproof and UV protection are viewed as optional luxuries instead of required necessities. For example, most non-waterproof digital watches and sunglasses without UV protection are still popular items that can last for years. When it comes to investing in banners for your business, view this type of protection as a requirement instead of an option.
As mentioned above, the overall appeal and appearance of your banner play key roles in the value of your presentation. A faded banner ruined by inclement weather is not something that you want to represent your company. In addition to durability, make sure it is protected in both areas.

Quality Banners Come from Quality Vendors

The bottom line is you are not going to find high-quality fabric banners from low-quality vendors. If you are not able to find the products you desire or get your questions answered to your satisfaction, chances are that you should continue to shop around at other vendors before making any final decisions. These banners will become integral parts of your marketing plan. Call New York Banner Stands at 1-800-516-7606 to explore high-quality banner options that will meet your specific needs.

Importance of Print Media in Digital Age

print media

In this electronic age many advertisers are taking advantage of the internet and mobile messaging services. In fact, we are bombarded with electronic advertisements.

So where does this leave print advertising? You might think that print advertising has little chance of attracting new business but you would be wrong. Research shows that people are now becoming saturated with electronic advertising.

Because print ads are less prevalent than they used to be, people tend to pay more attention to them. They, rather than electronic ads, are the novelty especially if they have eye-catching graphics and a short and powerful message.

Print ads can reach a more focused group of consumers, especially if you place an ad in an industry specific publication. But what if you are a small business with a limited advertising budget? Creating your own print ads is a smart move, especially since you can distribute them in a targeted area that needs and wants your services or products. You can include a coupon, either one to cut out or to scan on a smart phone or offer discounts.

In spite of doing business on the internet for more than a decade, people still trust print media more than the internet. People lend more credibility to print media than other forms of communication. They can see an ad on their cell phone and forget about it in a few seconds but when it comes printed in their physical mailbox they will read it. They may put it aside and it will be around their house for weeks. You can target specific age groups and neighborhoods with print advertisements; you can publish a small newsletter with relevant articles to attract new clients.

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Banner Stands – A Cost-Effective Advertising Strategy to Promote Your Business

banner stands1

Banner stands are lightweight, durable, portable and a cost-effective way to advertise your product or company. They are mostly used for promoting brands, products and services.

Banner Stands are used for indoor and outdoor use to connect with the targeted audience. They are useful for displaying large format freestanding graphics. They are the best choice when portability is a key consideration, such as at trade shows, seminars, and presentations. Banner Stands are also a good idea if you want to move them around within your business environment. You can use them for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special offer.

At New York Banner Stands, we offer 4 different Banner Stands:

Retractable Banner Stands



This 33″ wide banner display stand is lightweight and portable. When not in use, your Banner is stored inside the anodized aluminum casing which fits easily into the travel bag.



x frame


This wide Banner display stand features a sleek design with three size options. Banners are placed on X-Frame stands by its 4 grommet hooks.







The A-Frame stands are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These stands are perfect for the lobby, trade show, convention, office, business, and shop to display your message.






Telescopic Stands (AVAILABLE IN CA ONLY)



The Telescopic Stand has an easy 5 Minute setup and is lightweight. This stand is perfect for your displaying Step and Repeat banners.




Banner stands are a convenient way to display your large format printed messages easily. Banner Stands are convenient to use at trade shows, events, store fronts, lobbies, conventions, offices, businesses, red carpet events, and many other locations.

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Custom Canvas Printing

canvas prints1

A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or customized with personal photographs. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

Canvas prints are a great printing solution to transform your favorite photos into an elegant artwork pieces. Bring creativity to your home or office with our stretched canvas prints.
Our canvas prints are printed with 15 mil polyester/cotton blend canvas and mounted on light and durable stretcher bars.

Uses of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are commonly used in home decor, either chosen by professional interior designers, or by the homeowner. Canvas prints can be mass produced and available through high street retailers and home improvement stores or personalized one-off canvas prints produced from the individual’s own photograph, or drawing, usually uploaded via the Internet, or ordered direct from social media websites.

Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing required and the pine frame is not usually visible, so do not need to be varnished, or treated.

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Lightbox-Glowing A Gallery Of Successful Business


A lightbox is a translucent surface illuminated from behind, used for situations where a shape laid upon the surface needs to be seen with high contrast.

Lighted displays attract better attention and promote sales. Several brands have realized that their outlets & establishments improve sales with lighted displays compared to similar but unlit signage. Lighted displays are also exclusive allowing advertisers’ and designers the freedom of choosing higher color intensities that may not be possible with conventional unlit banners and signage materials.

Color Saturation and Radiance

Color saturation represents the colorfulness or vibrancy of a banner. With backlit displays it is possible to have maximum color saturation for vivid banners that instantly attract the customer’s attention. This in turn improves customer interaction increasing sales, revenue and profitability.

Options to set your Business apart

Backlit banners come with a choice of materials that can give a unique look and feel to your advertisement or product displays. Banner materials control light transmission to give your advertisement or signage a surreal look and feel, for a warm retention of your brand or business image in your prospective customer’s mind. Translucent films are great materials for backlit signs too. They uniformly diffuse light and therefore maintain color uniformity.

Low running costs & Durability

Modern LED lit signs are more durable and are cheaper to run in the long run. LED’s consume far less power than fluorescents do and make modern LED backlit banners a unique advertising option combining value with advertising exclusivity. LED backlit banners are safer too without the problems of fluorescents bursting and the resulting risk to professionals handling Backlit signs.

Easy to Maintain

LED’s come in relatively smaller packages compared to fluorescents and much lighter. This reduces the thickness of backlit signs, making them easy to transport, install and store. Backlit signs and displays offer exclusive advertising at value prices. Improve sales and quality of customer perception of your businesses with investments that pay rich dividends in the end.

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