Banner Stand Templates Download

Note: Please download and use our most recent templates. When setting up flag artwork please ensure to include full bleed.Safety Margin: Please keep important graphic content within the inner line. If you do not follow the template your order may be placed on hold.Pole Placement: Please refer to the Product picture of each flag to see the placement of the pole on the print. Design your artwork accordingly, and match your artwork to the template(s) shape.

pdfPDF Templates

Banner StandsSize
Tension Fabrictension-fabric-stand36'x90'48'x90'
Standard Retractablestandard-retractable23'x66'24'x81'33'x81'47'x81'57'x81'
SD Retractable sd-retractable36'x92' (Silver)48'x92' (Silver)60'x92' (Silver)24'x92' (Silver)
X-Stand x-stand24'x63' (Standard)32'x71' (Standard)32'x 71'
Backdrop Banner Backdrop Banner8'x8'10'x8'

photoshopPhotoshop Templates

Banner StandsSize
Tension Fabric tension-fabric-stand36'x 90'48'x 90'
Standard Retractable standard-retractable23'x 66'24'x 81'33'x 81'47'x 81'57'x 81'
SD Retractable sd-retractable24'x 92' (Silver)36'x 92' (Silver)48'x 92' (Silver)60'x 92' (Silver)
X-Stand x-stand24'x 63' (Standard)32'x 71' (Standard)32'x 71'
Backdrop Banner Backdrop Banner8'x8'10'x8'