Features and Advantages of Pop Up Fabric Display

Popup fabric displays are fast becoming a go-to element in event planning. They are relatively easy to set up, and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Before ordering a pop up fabric display for your company or your event, consider some of their features and advantages.

1. Visual Impact. The most notable feature of pop up fabric displays, and why they have become so popular, is their sheer impact. Much more attractive than vinyl, the fabric displays are easy on the eye and allow your graphic design and logo to shine. What’s more, pop up fabric displays can showcase imagery that would not look as good on vinyl.

2. They literally Pop Up. Pop up fabric displays include a lightweight suspension frame and the premade printed fabric. Transporting the pop up fabric display is easy because they fold down easily and weigh little. Setting up the pop up fabric displays is also easy because the frame expands while attached to the frame. Dismantling the assembly is just as fast and easy. If you have an event manned by only one person, pop up fabric displays provide an optimal solution.

3. Some fabric displays “hop up.” One of the advantages of using a pop up fabric display is that no two look alike. There are pop-up versions, and hop-up versions. Some are rectangular, while others are triangular. All pop up fabric displays are custom designed, allowing the company to showcase its uniqueness.

4. Backlighting. Popup fabric displays are super for indoor events because they can be set up with a backlight. The backlight changes the look of the visuals, adding dramatic effects. Likewise, their backlighting makes pop up fabric displays perfect for outdoor events.

What are the Features of Mesh Banners?

With plenty of promotional materials out there, choosing one can be a bit of a strain. One sound option to consider, though, are mesh banners. Here’s a rundown of the features you can expect:

Made of vinyl

These banners are made of vinyl. But unlike the regular ones, the fabric comes with holes. Mesh refers to a type of barrier that is semi permeable, allowing air to pass through the material.

Less stress and hassle

Since these banners are designed with holes, they make for a much better choice than regular vinyl banners. That’s because banners made out of vinyl often fold when they encounter strong winds. If you have to keep fixing your banners because of strong wind conditions in your area, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time and effort in the process. That’s something mesh vinyl banners can fix. Since mesh allows air to pass through, the banners don’t fold up. That means less work and hassle for you. If you want to make the most out of your time or those of your employees every day, installing these banners is a good idea.

Inexpensive option

The Huffington Post says vinyl mesh promotional banners are an inexpensive option. If you’re just starting out and building your business from the ground up, money can be tight. Opting for these banners can save you a lot on production costs. Those cost-savings could go a long way to helping you promote your business and brand without going over your promotional budget.

Better durability

These banners are also able to withstand extreme weather conditions far longer. That makes them ideal over other options like paper since these are easily damaged. You’ll need to shell out money for premature replacements and that’s not the best way to get the best value for your money. If you want banners that will last you much longer, then put these on top of your list.


Another winning feature of these banners is that the design and message comes out clear, like you printed on paper. So you get the clear-like quality of paper but with none of its weaknesses.

There are plenty of materials out there. But if you’re looking for banners that perform well under challenging weather conditions, offer you big cost-savings and look great, mesh banners can provide you with everything you need to make the most out of your branding opportunities.

Affordable Mesh Banner Just A Click Away NY


Mesh Banners:

Mesh banners are printed on 9 oz. heavy-duty banner material. They are suitable for large outdoor advertisements where wind load is an issue.


  • Maximum Size: 120″ High X 160′ Wide
  • Resolution: Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution. Printed on one side only.
  • Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years

Material Options:

  • 10 oz. Mesh Banner

Finishing Options:

  • FREE Hemmed edges
  • FREE Grommets
  • Raw Edges (no hem and grommet)
  • Pole Pockets
  • Webbing
  • Webbing w/ D-rings

File Specifications:

  • Accepted File Formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF.
  • Make your artwork in the exact size that you are ordering. No bleed, No crop marks.
  • All fonts must be outlined. If using Photoshop, please provide a flattened file only.
  • We suggest 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size.

Custom tote bags

Personalized tote bags have become a new trendy way in brand promotion. Nowadays plastic has become a huge hindrance for our environment , all over the globe environmentalist have been raising the issue of reducing the use of plastic and promoting paper or cloth bags.
In such situations manufacturing customized tote bags with your company name or brand with your company contact details and distributing it among people asking them to eliminate plastic and use tote bags is a super idea. Not only are you promoting your brand but along with it you are also helping in a great social cause. This is now a new trend in the market, creating very stylish creative tote bags carrying your brand, your logo along with your contact information, it is a great way to advertise about your company and with it promote the use of cloth bags and eliminate plastic to save our environment.
From big business houses to restaurants to super markets to sports team everyone has started ordering their custom made tote bags to distribute to increase their publicity.
NewYork banner stands tote bags are 100% reusable and a fabulous way to show off your creative mind. Keeping the environment in mind we started manufacturing these tote bags as a new way to discourage the use of plastic, we have always worked towards promoting every social cause which is important to save our earth and this is another effort towards it.
These custom made tote bags are great for your grocery shopping even as bags to carry along your stuff when you are on the go. Our team of experts works tirelessly to make your tote bag come alive with our special effects which seem as if the image on the tote is printed directly.
Before your proof is ready the expert team will review it and only once approved by them will we send the proof for your final word.
NewYork banner stands team of experts is working determinedly to help promote your company products or serves

To order your custom made tote bags please send us the artwork of 8″x10”. The image will be printed in the center of your tote.
The fixed bag size is 15″x 15.75″. We will accept your order in all file formats. To order your custom made tote bag place an order with us now, upload your artwork we will send the proof to you the following day, once the proof is approved your tote bag will be ready the next day all set to be shipped to you.

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl-Shine On

Reflective Adhesive Vinyl_img

Reflective Adhesive Vinyls are high reflective materials for night time advertising. Without their own power source, reflective adhesive vinyls bounce off the street or automotive lights for high visibility advertising. Durable and economical not requiring a power source, reflective adhesive vinyls are great options for economical day and night advertising.

Selection of colours

Reflective vinyls can look different in day and night if the colors are not selected appropriately. For example reflective night time white can look greyish in the day time and daytime black can turn to a dark brown when viewed with reflective light in the night time. This involves a choice of colors that reflect and maintain your brand integrity and communicate your product or service features as intended.

Newyorkbanners.com offers  consultation with friendly and professional staff who can put together the right design for your consistent advertising requirements.


Adhesive reflective vinyl materials are of primarily two types-retroreflective and prismatic. Retroreflective adhesive vinyls comprise of reflective glass beads mixed with the pigment of the upper film. The glass beads provide the reflective property of retroreflective adhesive vinyl.

Prismatic reflective adhesive vinyls actually have small prisms on their surface resulting in wider reflective angles. Therefore prismatic reflective adhesive vinyls can be viewed from wider angles, making them useful for road signs and other safety signalling.

Reflectivity is the amount of light reflected by the film. It is calculated after measuring the reflected candle power measured at various angles. Reflective adhesive vinyl data sheets give reflectivity information of that particular material. Newyorkbanners.com can provide detailed information on which reflective material is right for your needs.

Cutting & Application

Reflective adhesive vinyls tend to be harder to cut when compared with traditional non reflective vinyls. Retroreflective and prismatic reflective adhesive vinyls have reflective materials blended in making them particularly hard to cut. Cutting could require specialized hardened cutters-normal cutters could require extra force and wear out quickly when used on reflective adhesive vinyls.

Reflective adhesive vinyls are also more brittle requiring special consideration of surface contours on which they would be applied. Newyorkbanners.com will guide through the baby steps of working with reflective adhesive vinyls.


When reflective adhesive vinyls are removed without the proper precautions, some residual substance could be left on the surface on which the reflective adhesive vinyls were held. This can be particularly damaging when reflective vinyls applied to cars and other automobiles are removed-improper removal could result in expensive automotive paintwork. Newyorkbanners.com offers professional inputs on reflective adhesive vinyl removal so that your ad surface retains its original form for normal use.

Reflective adhesive vinyls are an economical alternative to powered night time advertising. When designed, printed and applied professionally, reflective adhesive vinyls present unique advertising, traffic management and night time messaging options.

Vinyl Material Options for Your Every Banner Need

Vinyl Material options for your every Banner need

Vinyl Material options for your every Banner need

Vinyl is a low cost yet versatile option coming in various thicknesses and finishes suitable for almost every banner or flag application. Usable both indoors or outdoors, use of vinyl for banners and flags can meet your aesthetic or ergonomic requirements.

Vinyl is durable too. With proper storage, vinyl banners can be reused year after year.

Matte Vinyl Banners

Matte Vinyl banners provide a smooth printing surface for a range of applications, especially for highly graphic advertisements. Images stand out on matte vinyl material to get your products or services the attention they deserve.

Matte vinyl is a water and weather resistant material and is therefore great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Be it sun glare or camera flashes, matte vinyl is a durable option with very little quality degradation over time.

Gloss Vinyl Banners

Gloss Vinyl banners are used if your advertisement are intricately designed or multicoloured. Gloss vinyl is a versatile material giving advertisers a range of printing options. You can screen print, digital print or use even pressure sensitive lettering using Gloss vinyl.

Gloss vinyl banners are used indoors or outdoors. Gloss vinyl options used indoors give your banners an exclusive look while outdoor options are UV and wind resistant. Gloss vinyl banners are highly durable if manufacturer recommended storing and usage procedures are adhered to.

Mesh Vinyl Banners

Mesh Vinyl Banners are great for windy locations. While normal vinyl banners have a high wind resistance capability, areas which have frequent and strong gusts of wind can benefit from  Mesh Vinyl banners which let the wind pass through. The amount of holes to textiles percentage can vary from 30-70%. Larger the wind velocity and banner size, larger would be the percentage of holes in the Mesh Vinyl banner to let more air to pass through and reduce the ‘sail effect’.

Large Mesh Vinyl banners stay stable and safe in windy locations.

Scrim Vinyl Banners

The highlight of Scrim Vinyl is its material strength. Consequently Scrim Vinyl is great for outdoor applications.Scrim Vinyl materials come with water and scratch resistant coating and have a high tear resistance.Scrim is your normal vinyl banner material with polyester chords as reinforcement. It is this polyester chording that gives a Scrim banner its strength.

Vinyl banners are versatile for delicate or tough, indoor or outdoor, simple or intricate design applications. With economical costs to match, vinyl material sub-types give you unbeatable cost and quality banner printing options from New York Banner Stands.

Mesh Banners – Special Applications

Mesh Banners-Special Applications

Mesh Banners-Special Applications

Mesh banners are great for both indoor and outdoor applications, though their real benefits are felt when large outdoor banners have to be put up. Banners can be as large as two to three thousand square feet in area. When such banners are erected in a windy area, they can come loose and get damaged.

The percentage of area covered by the holes or perforation to the fabric is another important consideration and varies according to the type of application and size of the banner.

Print quality required depends on the distance from which the banner is viewed.

Banner applications and specifications

For indoor uses normally banners with more fabric and less perforation is used as there are no heavy winds impacting the banner. Since indoor banners are viewed at a close distance, the print quality is also higher as aberrations owing to low resolution printing are easily spotted by consumers.

For outdoor applications, at times 70% of the banner could be perforated to allow strong gusts of wind to pass through the banner. This prevents large banners coming off their ties and stay in place. While some fluttering can be expected, such mesh banners maintain the clarity of your advertisement and message.

Store Front Banners

When banners are displayed in front of the store, they should allow viewing of the outside from within the store. Mesh banners are great for this application. Depending on the viewing distance and height of display, print quality should be adjusted to ensure advertisement quality.

Lightweight-Easy to transport and install

Because of a large surface area, usually between 30 and 70%, being perforated, mesh banners are lightweight and therefore easy to install and transport. Lightweight does not mean delicate-mesh banners come in rip-proof materials and mesh/textile ratios that maintain fabric/print integrity even under harsh outdoor conditions.

Printerly’srange of mesh banner options are great for both your indoor and outdoor needs. If you need additional expertise on banner materials, finishing and installation options or calculation for safety under strong wind conditions, NewYork Banner Stand’s staff will assist you in selecting the right option, at deal price. For more, visit at: http://www.newyorkbannerstands.com/mesh-banners


Flyers are a boon for business

Flyer printing has been for ages a huge support for business when it comes to promotion and advertising.
Flyers are not just a promotion medium they go way beyond just advertising. They are the most cost friendly convenient efficient means of advertising.
Flyers can be immensely helpful for your businesses given below are the reasons why you must place your order of flyers as soon as possible to enrich your business on newyorkbannerstands.com

1. Flyers can be used not only as advertisers but even as market brainteaser, you can get a whole lot printed before you have entered the market with your product, to judge the market fever and the acceptance level. It will help in developing customer’s curiosity towards your products or services. Just ensure you get it printed very well
and make attractive and eye catching flyers to gain attention. We at newyorkbannerstands.com have a fully equipped team of designers to help you print attractive cost friendly flyers to enhance your business.

2. Flyers are not just a promotion placards, but can also be in form of promotional vouchers or a discount coupons. These coupons will help in attracting customers as
the coupon will force them to try your product, as a free coupon or a discount coupon is a great advertising technique to attract people towards your product.

3. Flyers are a huge promotional modus operandi to build your name in the market. Be it a business firm or a professional service firm or a hotel or a restaurant. Every business can avail the benefit of flyers as these are the fastest cheapest and the wide spread advertising medium for building your products market. A flyer will reach more target audience than any banner stand or hoarding.

4. Flyers need not just be promotional coupons or products advertisers they can be used to spread awareness or knowledge about any social cause they can also be used to circulate in case of missing people information. The can be used to enlighten people about a social cause or an awareness program.

5. Flyers can also be in form of menu cards for restaurant owners to enhance their home delivery system. Big food chains like McDonald, Domino’s, and Pizza hut have known to use flyers in form of menu and coupon s to reach every house door.
6. Flyers can be used for hiring people for your institute or industry. In case you need to hire applicants you can use flyers in form of applications where people can fill up and join your firm.
7. The government also can use this form of promotion to collect data base.
Flyers are the most realistic inexpensive opportune and outspread means of promoting your business.

I guess these reasons are enough for one to comprehend how flyers are a huge boon to every industry

How to Design and Print a Good Business Card

how to design and print a good business card

how to design and print a good business card

Business cards are an ideal promotion material for the company. It is a minuscule portfolio of your company which will give the world a precise synopsis, but a perfect understanding of what your company is all about.
Designing a business card is an art which requires a great amount of effort ingenuity, resourcefulness and lots and lots of hard work and creativity. After all it represents your company so guarantee its perfection.
Business card designs need to be straightforward refined and pleasing to the eye. But that doesn’t mean just endorsing the company logo, name, contact information and that’s it press print.
Printing a business card one should consider various aspects like an original design, the clients need, and the reputation of the printing company.
A business card designer should ensure the card speaks for itself about the company it is supporting.
Before finalizing your design the following specs should be taken into account-

1. The shape, size, colors scheming and the detailing on the card.

2. Use of different material for printing cards. Nowadays cards aren’t limited to paper but wood metal plastic and a lot more materials are used for business cards.
3. Costing and budget making is essential. Creativity has no boundaries the more you are ready to spend the more designs you will get. Still ensure you have a fixed budget allotment to it.

4. These days’ unique embellishments have also found their way to highlight or make the business card attractive.
5. While finalizing the card do ensure all the client specifications have been taken into account.
6. Selecting a printing company is also very important. Keeping in mind the reputation of the company and ensuring it is budget friendly as well as guarantees timely delivery.
7. A good business card has its logo, words and design in complete co-ordination.Along with  perfect printing.
8. These days it is also important to make sure the logos and the fonts used are legal.

Get more at: http://www.printcustombusinesscardsonline.com/



Going Green with printing



NewYork Banner Stands has pledged to go green! It is our motto to provide our clients unsurpassed excellence of our printing services and products at most budget friendly rates. Along with providing our clients advanced quality services, it is also important for us to safeguard our environment. We at NewYork Banner Stands accept with all heart our responsibility towards our environment and have pledged to do whatever it takes to save our planet.

We have initiated our “GO GREEN” campaign by using go green paper that too at no extra cost for our clients. This milieu safe paper is as good and superb quality as our standard paper that we were using. This paper is made from post customer fiber, recycled paper and virgin pulp resultant from administered woods. This is helping us clean our air, making our atmosphere less polluted and helps in controlling corrosion.

In addition to that we are also vigorously recycling our waste paper, our metal printing plates leftover ink and its solvents.

The more we do the lesser it is so we have also started using chemical free and naturally made ink ,as a part of our go green project . This ink is environmentally friendly as it made using soy and other agricultural products making it chemical free and whatever is left over is recycled.

We are doing our part now you do yours, when you place your order for printing select “GO GREEN PAPER” option on our website and your order will be processed at no extra cost and that will be your contribution to saving our environment and in turn saving our planet. Visit at: http://www.newyorkbannerstands.com

How does Dye Sublimation Printing Work?

The digital printing of banners using dye sublimation fuses fabric and dye together to make a photo-like image imprint upon your fabric background, utilizing ink dot technology for the lifelike image. Frst and foremost, you will need to select your individual fabric of choice. Heavy knit polyester fabric is used which creates an effective presentation. The poly knit material may or may not have stretch properties, allowing the conformability to eliminate wrinkles and make your image as lifelike as possible. These banners are often hung from the ceilings as larger than life displays at first class retail stores and at displays, conventions and fairs.

When to Dye Sublimation Banners for Business Needs

Dye Sublimation banners look classy, but because they are fabric based, need to be used in an environment where they will be kept relatively clean. A warehouse or home improvement type display may be better off using a vinyl sign, although on a short-term basis, fabric banners look great; they’re also washable. Vinyl signs tend to look economical, which is often perceived as being of lesser quality. If you are selling a quality product with a value added perception, Dye Sublimation processing for a win-win presentation could be the answer for you.

Color and Digital Printing Advantages

Banner advertising is an effective way to advertise your business. Therefore, you want to make use of the best possible banner. Color and digital printing are both important if you are looking for a high-quality banner. When it comes to designing your banner you will have a wide variety of color options. You can get your design just the way you want it. Of course you will want your company’s logo transferred onto your new banner.

Advantages of Digital Printing

One of the main advantages of digital printing when compared to other printing methods is there is no need to use special plates to create different colors. Printing runs can be made much more rapidly, so you can expect a faster turnaround time. Thanks to the digital process you can even make changes to the design right up until the last minute.

Digital printing also offers you an array of surface choices for your banners. You can have them printed on plastic of course. There are also other surface types such as cardboard, wood, and even metal. You can hang your banners many different places with all of these choices.

Consider getting a brilliantly colored banner created for use on a company vehicle too. You have likely seen public methods of transportation riding around your city with banners on them. Now you can use these very same banners to promote your business.

Size Options of Digital Printing

Digital printing also offers many sizing options. You have the option of getting a high-quality banner which is just big enough to fit inside one of your store windows. Another option is to create a rather sizable banner you can setup on the outside of your building in an effort to attract visitors from far away. When using a banner outside you will definitely want it to be high-quality. It will be subjected to harsh weather conditions , and you do not want the color to fade. Make sure the banner is designed for outside use so you do not need to worry about durability. Mesh banners are also a great option for outside use. The tiny holes in them will allow wind to pass through without affecting the banner that much.

If you want to use banners for advertising purposes make sure they are high-quality so they will attract attention. It is best for you to make use of newer digital printing technology to ensure your banner looks good. Take advantage of all of the color choices at your disposal too.

More Benefits to Custom Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl banners are a great way to promote your business products and sales all over the place. The major advantage of using vinyl banners is that they can be used in any condition: rain, wind storm, hot weather, etc. Nowadays, vinyl banners are being frequently used by stacks of companies for outdoor advertisement. One of the key elements of vinyl banners printing is its flexible and lightweight material. This means the vinyl banners can be folded when it is time to move them into another place. They are reasonably priced as compared to other printing mediums. New York Banner Stands offers cheap vinyl banner printing to our valued customers worldwide, in order to raise their business identity!

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Benefits of Large Format Magnets for Businesses

Many businesses today are beginning to break into different forms of advertising and promotions that incorporate mobile diversity for maximum exposure. With that being said, New York Banner Stands has helped our customers maintain such an appeal by introducing them to custom printed large format magnets that are reusable and completely safe for any vehicle type, including construction trucks. These weather resistant magnets are ideal to attract and expand your target market by showcasing your business logo and contact information through daily traffic sources. Did you know on the average commute you to work, (usually calculated within 5 miles of the home) you pass over 100 cars? This means that each day you can potentially attract an average of 100 new customers to your business with magnet on your vehicle. Could you imagine how this number would change for delivery trucks that be driving up to 25 miles away from the warehouse or office?

Top Benefits of Car Magnets

Our large format, custom printed magnet sheet uses a high quality 30 mil material with a smooth surface for best color printing. While it is is best suited for car door signage, it can also serve as temporary signage for construction sites or other quick-changing work environments. Many business owners utilize these magnets for multiple use on company vehicles, delivery cars and the personal vehicles of employees to increase exposure and attempt tot drive traffic … through traffic! Another convenient aspect of these magnets is that they can be used indoors as well. In fact, since the maximum size for each magnet would be 24″ High X 60″ Wide, it presents a wealth of opportunity to business owners. These magnets can conveniently fit on any vehicle as well as lockers, commercial freezers and
Resolution: Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution. Printed on one side only.
Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years

Salient Tips for Using Quality Large Format Banner Printing Services

To advertise a business successfully, one of the key marketing tools that aid to promote and sell a product are large format banner printing. These large banners attract the attention of people even when they are on the move and convey the required message. If the poster is attractively designed and portrays the text in the right format, it can easily get the attention of the viewer. The content is easy to read if they print used is superior and of high quality. Printing services are able to deliver superior quality large format posters for promoting trade shows, campaigns, product launches and different events. Whether you use them indoors or for outdoor locations, the event is successfully publicized and the product is promoted and sold. Use the services of reputable printing providers for large format banner printing to develop the right attitude and increase sales.

Using Large Format Posters to Your Advantage

If you are interested in targeting large audiences, use large format banner printing. These large banners or posters are generally made up of soft plastics, textiles or vinyl. Use them as mobile advertisements as they can be hoisted anywhere convenient. Large banners are affordable and with the advent of digital printing, the quality, color and graphic have improved immensely. Billboards are no longer popular as they do not have the same flexibility.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see banners being used instead of permanent advertisements or signage as against earlier years. This is because vinyl can stand heat or rain as it is a highly durable and economic alternative. Instead of the traditional billboards, large format banners are ideal for digital printing. The graphics are easily downloaded from the computer and the large format is digitally printed.

Ideal Temporary Solutions

Many businesses use large format banner printing temporarily till they put up permanent signs. Many new construction sites, shops or big malls use these banners to advertise their sales, offer new discounts and to list details and features of new products. Building wraps are also used to attract attention by many companies.

Building Wraps

If you are trying to promote a product, building wraps are versatile and draw more attention than putting advertisements in newspapers. NewYorkBannerStands.com specializes in various types of building wraps, customized vehicle wraps and vinyl decals. Use these affordable and popular materials such as building wraps and banners to advertise your products effectively. There is no doubt that the introduction of digital printing has brought about a revolution if producing quality finish of photo printing. It is now possible to reach larger audiences that you need to target at cost effective prices using either large banners or small display boards to promote the business or products.

Highlight your product by using building wraps as effective marketing strategies. Strategic placement of large format banner printed by NewYorkBannerStands.com will boost sales as it attracts a wider coverage of prospective customers.

Design the large format banners as well as the window displays attractively. The above tips should help you to attract attention from potential traffic and draw more visitors to your store. Remember that less is more. NewYorkBannerStands.com is a leading professional company that specializes in large format banner printing. Use their novel ideas to boost your profits.

Expert Commercial Printing Services Take Your Business to the Next Level

One of the main prerequisites for marketing campaigns is quality service from a commercial printing firm. There may be various types of marketing strategies in operation today but customized prints offer greater visibility when used for advertising a product or service. The various types of materials used are not restricted only to flyers, brochures or posters. Other materials such as planners, calendars, business cards, folders, notepads, letterheads and matching envelopes are also printed to attract potential customers. These not only create brand awareness but also make clients more receptive and loyal to the product or service.

Select the Most Reputable Commercial Printing Firm

It is essential to ensure that you set a good standard when creating materials that will be used as marketing ploys. It is not necessary to try to personally undertake this job. There are several reliable printing services that you can hire to do the job. www.NewYorkBannerStands.com is a reputable online commercial printing firm that will give you quality service.

Commercial printing services, such as New York Printing services, will undertake the entire work and you can rest assured it will be done according to the standards expected. Depending on the budget that you set aside for the advertising campaign, you can select materials. Use these printed items to promote your business and attract hordes of prospective clients by providing pertinent information on the products that they are interested in purchasing.

Work in Tandem with the Commercial Printing Firm

Let New York Banner Stands printing services know your objectives and the budget that you have set aside in order to ensure that you get the desired results. The service provider will offer suggestions that you can use to your advantage. You will be assured that you are dealing with the best when you know that the printing service company is reputed for quality and timely service.

Look for Assistance and Guidance

www.NewYorkBannerStands.com offer benefits that help businesses of different natures. Many businesses have profited as they used the services of this leading printing firm. Some of them include interior design firms, architectural institutes and publishing firms. Manufacturers generally look for valuable assistance from the printers when they introduce their latest products in the market. They are able to provide the right information on the price, features and use, including maintenance with the information provided on the leaflets and brochures.

New York Printing Services offer their expertise and the right printing materials to guide publishers to distribute their magazines and books. They are knowledgeable on the use of colored images and using the right interventions with the final printing results. They are thus able to produce their books in large numbers.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

Commercial printing makes a difference to creating the best interior design for different architectural structures. New York Printing Services uses advanced technologies to introduce interior walls and design them using state-of-the-art techniques to come up with the desired theme. They are also able to create interesting wall papers or a large company logo for the computer screens using templates. The entertainment industry is able to promote their business big-time by using the services of these professional commercial printing providers. New York Printing Services use customized promotional material such as billboards, posters and tarpaulins in keeping with the theme to advertise the show or movie successfully.

Top 10 Custom Business Printing Products for 2013

Many business owners are looking for reliable ways to increase their business profit margins this year with custom business printing. Since statistics show that this type of promotional material are responsible for 35% of annual sales within any industry, we have compiled a list of the top 10 custom business printing products that can help you increase your business effectively. Let’s take a look at how business owners have successfully increased their exposure and profit each year. Let New York Banner Stands help you make 2013 the best possible year for your business!

  1. Aluminum Signs
  2. Adhesive Clear Vinyl
  3. Adhesive Vinyl
  4. Gator Foam Signs
  5. Mesh Banners
  6. Custom Wallpaper Graphics
  7. Vinyl Floor Graphics
  8. Light Box Signs
  9. PVC Board
  10. Adhesive Window Perf

 As you can see, there are plenty of variety to increase your business exposure and sales. Allow New York Banner Stands to help you create custom graphics and signs that help you make 2013 the most successful year possible. 

How to Utilize Custom Indoor and Outdoor Banners Effectively

Who uses custom vinyl banners? People who are announcing a birthday party use them. Real estate agents use them to draw attention to a property for sale. Churches use them to invite people to their Bible school or evening services. New businesses use custom vinyl banners to promote their grand opening event or a huge discount sale. They are put over doorways to welcome loved ones home. Schools use them to post sporting events. Anyone who is hosting a reunion or a reception will find that customized hanging signs can help direct your attendees to your function with ease. Whatever the event in your life, these custom portable signs can help you tell the world and all people around you.

Understanding the Benefits of Custom Banner Signs

These popular signs can be large and span a large area or small enough to fit the smallest interior space. Custom vinyl banners are made to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions making them rugged, durable, and a great choice for displaying any message outdoors. Whatever your needs might be, vinyl signage are probably perfect for you. Your company needs for advertising are very important in attracting new customers of all ages. Size isn’t the only option that you can easily choose. There is an array of colors and font styles to choose from as well as options on how big or small you want your font or eye-catching graphics to be. You can choose a large font that can be highly visible for a few hundred feet if you’re using your vinyl sign outdoors. This is a high impact way to make sure that your message reaches anyone who passes by your business or event.

How to Utilize These Benefits Into Your Banner Designs

If you are planning a rummage sale, yard sale, community sale or an open house, these custom signs look professional as opposed to handmade signs on cardboard that are susceptible to the weather and often hard to read. By optimizing an event with custom vinyl banners that proudly announce the date and time, you can increase your ability to draw a larger crowd. They are also reusable and flexible enough to be hung almost anywhere so this makes custom vinyl banners a superb choice for indoor use as well. There are lots of options when it comes to displaying custom vinyl signs. You can hang them, suspend, wrap, or drape them, attach them to posts or lay them across the front of a car.

The flexibility of vinyl gives your banner the mobility that you wouldn’t have with other sign surfaces. Many people choose retractable banners that contain their own frame for added portability. Custom vinyl banners bring you reusability, high visibility, low cost, flexible, weather resistant, colorful choices that can’t be beat by any other form of advertising. You can use them indoors or outdoors and storage is as easy as installation. No matter what you are promoting, selling or celebrating vinyl custom banners are the answer. These types of signs are making it possible to reach all variations of customers no matter the age.





Using Custom Light Box Signs to Attract Business

If you have ever walked around the streets of New York City, you have surely noticed the vibrant advertisements located in the store windows. Some of these promotions include the popular light box signs that take a promotional graphic and turn it into a light show that can be viewed blocks away! This increases the exposure of the product being showcased as well as those located around it as well. Many business owners are utilizing the concept of light box signs to increase business and product exposure since it creates a solid message and laser-targeted focus on one specific advertisement. More importantly, it creates a dual purpose for the same promotion. During the day, the natural sunlight reflects off the sign, highlighting the colors, product and details of the sign itself. At night, the light within the sign creates the same affect with energy efficient purpose!

Components of an Effective Light Box Sign Design

Illuminating your graphics with our slim light box offers a wide array of opportunity. Our light box features a sleek aluminum finishing on the frame edges, giving your graphics that extra touch. Each light box design includes all of the power accessories to light up your graphic effectively. Laminated backlit film material can be inserted in this light box. While this is an optional feature of our designs, it is one that can create additional benefits for our customers to obtain and increase their sales conversions of the products being showcased.In addition to our customizable features once the design is made, our team is able to incorporate a variety of elements within the design that help to showcase laser-targeted elements as well. This may include using certain colors over others that are able to shine through the light. Using darker colors may create a darker image to the target market. We suggest using light colors that compliment the darker colors, such as black outlines that cannot be omitted from the designs.

Creating a Design from Pre-Existing Graphics

We accept the following formats for submission of your custom light box graphics to help speed up the process and incorporate your design images into the final product.

  • Accepted File Formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF.
  • Make your artwork in the exact size that you are ordering. No bleed, No crop marks.
  • All fonts must be outlined. If using Photoshop, please provide a flattened file only.
  • We suggest 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size.

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Custom Banner Printing for Trade Show Exposure

Benefits of Working with a Versatile Team

Our team was carefully chosen to include the professionals can help contribute to increasing sales conversions. This includes marketing professionals that understand what the target market needs and wants, as well as the graphic designers that can carry out the message effectively. Having this type of structured and diverse team on your side can open up a wealth of opportunity for you and your business, especially when it comes to close quarters of competition such as trade shows. When walking around a trade show, your target market will have no choice but to subconsciously compare your banner and graphic designs to your competition, since they will undoubtedly be showcased closely beside each other. However, our team knows exactly how to make your banners stand out, even if they were overlapped on top of the competition!

Over 75+ Design Options

What good is working with a custom printing company that only offers a handful of options? That doesn’t seem to customized does it? Not only do we offer a wealth of different products to choose from, including over 30+ banner products, we also offer tons of ways to customize your designs to showcase the unique features of your business. Whether it be custom colors, unstructured ideas or graphics that you want to incorporate, font types or sizes, New York Banner Stands is ready, willing and fully capable to take your ideas and turn them into vibrant designs!

Having these options can help you blow away your trade show competition, even in close quarters. The rest is up to you to keep their attention. However, what better way to open a conversation with your target market that custom banners that contain elements that no one is using? Many of our customers admit that members of their target market, as well as their competition have approached them at trade shows to inquire about elements used in their custom banner designs that have not yet been seen by the public. This helps to strengthen your brand identity as well as your business exposure because when people question something, anything, the answers usually stick in their minds – giving you ample opportunity to obtain repeat customers.


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Getting the Facts About Banner Finishing Options

If you have ever dealt with the task of putting up banners to promote your business, you would know that the process of banner finishing is the most tedious one. First, there is the hassle of giving out your banner for sewing or welding to create a hem. Then, you need to get hold of someone with a grommet machine to place grommets along the edge of the banner. Even if you decided to invest in these finishing machines and tools, it would cost you thousands of dollars. Needless to say, all this does lead to considerable loss of time, and it costs you more than you would expect.

How Does Banner Finishing Actually Work?

But did you know that you now have a better and smarter alternative in the form of an innovative product called power tabs? These little components take the hassle out of the process of finishing your banner. Here’s how this brand new approach to banner finishing works:

  • You get your banner printed as usual. Once this important step is done with, it’s time to apply the tabs.
  • These tabs are applied either all along the edge of your banner, or at the exact spots that you desire.
  • If you need to put up the banner at an indoor location or anyplace where there are no winds, you could use the light duty adhesive tabs that are smaller in size.
  • For outdoor use, you can use the larger tabs. Once the tabs are installed, you need to punch a hole through its eyelets. Pass a rope through this hole and you’re good to go!
  • If used in the right manner, these tabs can offer you thrice the amount of strength that a regular finishing process would normally offer with the use of grommets.

In some cases you might have extra large banners that are more than six feet in length. For such banners, you could use the adhesive tab in conjunction with a power tape. This gives your banners unmatched strength, enabling them to withstand high-speed winds too. This single sided power tape is becoming increasingly popular with enterprises of all sizes.

Creating the Perfect Banner

As you can see, the process of folding or sewing to create a hem is completely eliminated. The best part is, you don’t need to depend on a third party. You can finish banners of all sizes in a matter of minutes. By using power tabs, you can save hundreds of dollars on your banner projects. These components are also totally recyclable and re-useable making them highly environment friendly. So, the next time you have a banner finishing task at hand, opt for adhesive tabs instead of the conventional hemming method and mark the difference yourself!


What Message Does Your Banner Convey?

Most people love seeing custom vinyl banners during the holiday season. If you want to know how to go about making banners like these, read on to get some interesting ideas that could evoke a lot of interest. Seasonal vinyl banners should be designed in such a way that they bring out a fun and joyful mood.

The back to school season can be one of the busiest periods of the year for plenty of retailers. This is the ideal time to design custom banners that will draw more customers to your commodities. If you design custom vinyl banners that are very attractive, you can be sure that your sale for the back to school season will be a great success.

Let us run through an example of how a retail store can make use of seasonal banners for back to school right from the time the pattern is drawn up to the time it is put on display in order to boost sales. Since such a store sells all the different items pertaining to school like clothes, shoes, bags and school supplies, they can do extremely well during the last minute rush since it is very easy for customers to buy everything that they require from under one roof. So making that clear on their custom vinyl banners will be a good idea to draw attention.

The purpose of the banner is to let people come to know that they can purchase all that they require for school at one place so your message can be something like Buy all your back to school stuff from under one roof which can be secondary and 25% off on all back to school supplies as the main message. You will have to choose graphics or images for your promotional vinyl banner that you will after giving it much thought. They should ideally symbolize the actual goods that you are selling in the store. Besides the main message on the banner, you could have images of shirts, skirts, trousers, books, pens, etc.

Now that you have decided the kind of message and graphics you want on your vinyl banner, you can begin selecting the colors that you would like to use. Since the sale theme is back to school, you can use bright colors. You can use a white or yellow background and have the main message printed out in red and the secondary one in blue. You should make sure that the graphics match this scheme of colors, even more so if they are line art graphics. You can also add green and other colors so as to create a bright banner which is pleasing to the eye. At the same time make sure you don’t use too many colors as it might turn out to be visually disturbing.

Once the vinyl banner is designed and printed, the store has to decide the place where they would like to hang or paste their new custom banner. If the store is located in a business square and the store is away from the sidewalk, it would be advisable to hang up your vinyl banner over the entrance so that people walking along or driving by can see it quite easily. Or perhaps put it up in your display window.

In short, most people love seeing full color custom vinyl banners during the holiday season. If you want to know how to go about making large format banners like these, read this article to get some interesting ideas that could evoke a lot of interest. Seasonal full color vinyl banners should be designed in such a way that they bring out a fun and joyful mood.


Utilizing Large Format Banner Printing to Effectively Increase Exposure

When it comes to presenting small business owners with a wide variety of custom designed large format banner printing, New York Banner Stands offers various sizes, base types and graphics at affordable prices. Since every business has a different focus, the marketing material used to represent each business should showcase the same uniqueness and distinction. Large format banners can be used for a wealth of various reasons such as trade shows, event and storefront entrances, and even corporate meetings and events. While many clients utilize these types of custom printed banners to welcome their guests, many also utilize them to direct their guests to exits, parking and various section references. For these reasons, it is imperative that when creating an effective large format banner printing design that you incorporate the proper balance of elements – conveying a clear, crisp message to your audience.

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Utilizing Large Format Banner Printing to Effectively Increase Exposure

When it comes to presenting small business owners with a wide variety of custom designed large format banner printing, New York Banner Stands offers various sizes, base types and graphics at affordable prices. Since every business has a different focus, the marketing material used to represent each business should showcase the same uniqueness and distinction. Large format banners can be used for a wealth of various reasons such as trade shows, event and storefront entrances, and even corporate meetings and events. While many clients utilize these types of custom printed banners to welcome their guests, many also utilize them to direct their guests to exits, parking and various section references. For these reasons, it is imperative that when creating an effective large format banner printing design that you incorporate the proper balance of elements – conveying a clear, crisp message to your audience.

Most Popular Large Format Banner Printing Needs

Depending on what your individual needs are, there are several common elements that effective large format banner printing designs have in common. In addition to these design elements, there are also certain aspects of the printing process that plays an important role in producing quality results, such as the design and printing teams. When looking to create or upgrade your banner designs, here’s some things to consider about your custom printing company.

  • The material used to create the banner should accommodate the intended use. For example, if you are looking to create a custom vinyl banner to be used for the entrance of your trade show booth – knowing you engage in monthly trade shows. Your design should incorporate a strong and durable material to support the continued use.
  • It is always recommended to use a banner that offers universal features, such as interchangeable cartridges that incorporate various banners with the same stand.
  • Working with a printing company that can offer design and print expertise while keeping your financial budget in mind will surely help you optimize your custom banner printing strategies.TIP: To maintain various appeals, New York Banner Stands offers both custom and pre-printed banner designs.
  • Affordable design and printing costs that can reduce overhead, leaving you free to rotate the funds into other business facets or create more banners to accommodate various promotions and uses.


Order Your Custom Large Format Banner Printing Online

New York Banner Stands offers our clients the opportunity to conveniently upload their logo and graphics to be incorporated into their large format banner printing design. Our specialists are available to take your ideas and bring them to life on durable, clean-cut banners for your target market to appreciate. Our reliable service can accommodate any design, despite how simple or complex. Orders placed before 12pm PST are designed, sent to the client for proof, printed and shipped within 24 hours! Providing high quality large format banner printing is not just enough these days – the competition is too fierce to have anything less than the strongest marketing and design efforts behind your strategies. Allow the New York Banner Stands team to help strengthen your marketing efforts consistently – at affordable pricing that works for you.

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