What Are the Average Fabric Banners Costs?

If you are interested in using the most effective and innovative marketing, you have probably found yourself wondering about the costs of different methods and options. For instance, have you asked yourself what fabric banners cost? If so, you should know that this can vary quite widely depending on everything from size and shape to the numbers of colors and the materials used.The Variety in BannersThough you may hear experts tell you that vinyl banners are more affordable than fabric banners, these same experts will also tell you that the fabric banners tend to have a higher quality "look", and are worth the added expense. They are made to be just as durable as other materials and should be treated to be water proof and UV resistant. They are also one of the most environmentally friendly options and can be used in almost any application imaginable - from indoor and outdoor signage to a form of fine art, as a backdrop at an event or even for murals and booths.The Size OptionsJust as fabric banners can be printed in almost any color and with any sort of graphic, a good supplier of them is going to make them available in any size. They will then price by the square foot based on all of your choices. Rather than getting a flat price based on size, you will discover that your pricing will be based on whether or not you've elected wrinkle free fabrics, block out options, tension fabrics and more.PricingThe prices of banners made of different fabrics is usually going to begin as low as $2.50 per square foot and then go up based on such options as the UV protection or waterproofing. However, we strongly suggest you always opt for these added features as you want your banners to last indefinitely, and one way to make this a certainty is to have the fabric treated with protective materials. The cost of a base or frame is never included in the overall price, and the best suppliers also make sturdy bases readily available.Find Your BannersAt New York Banner Stands, you will find many kinds of fabric flags and banners - and in almost any size, color or shape required. You can start the design process today by phoning us at (212) 300-3892/(800) 516-7606 or dropping us a message at info@NewYorkBannerStands.com.
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